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Graceline Group, founded in 2010, it has been focusing on the floor covering product industry for 12 years, relying on the financial and performance system, it has realized the closed-loop construction of operation ,marketing,production and supply chain.

Our company plans the whole network marketing to build Graceline's world brand, and expand Graceline's popularity and influence through various online platforms and offline exhibitions.

At the same time, the company's professional and efficient sales team, with the values of "Customer first, lead the market, integrity and passion, efficient and professional, teamwork, and achieve win-win", provides customers with the most professional service and value, and regards the realization of customer value as the ultimate value of everyone.

Our company has a professional supply chain system, is committed to integrating high-quality resources, providing high-quality services, and making unremitting efforts to promote China's floor covering products to the world.

Our company has advanced production equipment and quality inspection system, and is committed to launching at least 10 new products and differentiated products every year, constantly upgrading products, and innovating and developing high-quality products with higher performance to better solve customer pain points and satisfy customers demand, while leading the market!

Our vision: to satisfy customers and make employees happy!

Our company cooperates with customers in more than 105 countries and regions, and has strategic partners and regional agents in 11 countries such as Mexico, the United States, Canada, Australia, and Bangladesh. At the same time, it is also constantly recruiting agents in other countries for the world's carpet industry. To achieve a win-win situation for customers and enterprises!

Welcome to join us, let’s fly higher and go farther together.

Brand story:


Mr. Reagan, the former president of the United States,once said, "Confucius's noble conduct and great ethical and moral ideas have influenced not only his countrymen, but all mankind." GRACELINE was founded in the hometown of Confucius, the head of the world's top ten cultural celebrities, and has always been adhering to Confucius's influence on the world's "Kindheartedness,righteousness,courtesy,wisdom,faith" thinking. We see the HONESTY of the enterprise as the only belief! And as the highest yardstick of business.


"In all efforts to ensure lifelong happiness, the most important thing is to find the one who will be with you for the rest of your life, " said Epicurus, an outstanding happiness educator. The growth of GRACELINE is also a great witness to the two founders' 20 years of loyal love! They go hand in hand, with the Golden 20 years of life, go all out to create graceful life , just as Graceline's most precious DNA —— be enterprising without borders! 


Mr. Kenichi Ohmae, one of the world's top strategists, defines "expert" as "an oath to God, a lifelong profession. " Thanks to the professional spirit of all the staff, GRACELINE develop in the past 20 years. And we will regard "focus" as the enterprise's first action program. Graceful flooring products are the direction of the first day of the enterprise, but also the last day the enterprise will adhere to.

Company advantages: 


1)12+ gold supplier and industry experience, reflecting our professionalism

2) Continuous product upgrade and innovation capabilities


(for employees)

1) Layout of the whole network, channel acquisition of customers

Accumulation of industry customers.

2) Product innovation ability, enterprise vitality.

3) Opportunities for learning and growth.

Service advantages (customer-oriented):

1) Quality commitment

2) Delivery commitment

3) Service commitment